Custom Services



  • Resins: The vast majority of parts are molded using some form of Polyethylene but there are many other types available: Polypropylene, ABS, Nylon, PVC, PVDF (Kynar) and even Teflon.
  • Custom Cutting: Desert Plastics offers all types of material removal from CNC equipment to powered hand tools with jigs to complete unpowered hand tools.
  • Graphics: We are completely capable of molding your name into a mold as either a male or female relief. More commonly, we can mold practically any information (in any combination of colors) directly into the wall of your project.
  • Molded-in threaded Inserts: You pick the thread size and we will permanently mold a metal insert into your project allowing for much quicker assembly while keeping the area liquid tight. Using metal inserts are one of the key tools to reducing assembly time and lowering costs!
  • Packaging: We will package your order in any manner you request.
  • Drop Shipping: This is a hidden secret used by all of those internet companies. You send us an order, we make it, we package it and we ship it directly to your customer, then we send you the tracking number and the invoice (OAC). All of this at NO EXTRA CHARGE and you have never touched the product!
  • Colors: Currently in-house, we have (16) Solid Colors, (16) Speckled Colors, and (4) Stone Effect Resins but you can have virtually any color you want.

  • Welded Fittings: Yet another way to reduce assembly time and lower costs. Usually installed as standard pipe thread, these inexpensive plastic fittings are welded onto your project at any point you want to quickly and inexpensively allow the import / export of fluids.


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